• Structured Lead- and Sales funnels as well as campaign efficiency

  • Your Dashboard is constantly conversion optimizable

  • Structured sales funnels for evaluation of visits, leads and sales

  • Representation of your exact Campaign efficiency

  • All KPI’s in one spot

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  • Direct contact with all relevant tools and KPI’s

  • KPI’s from the fields of business, markting, performance and usability

  • Rapid detection of changes

  • Intuitive control with color codes

  • Integration of all relevant tools

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All Tools configurated into Schubwerk!



  • Goal oriented data analysis

  • Structured representation of most important indicators

  • Business ( Visits, Downloads, Leads …)

  • Marketing ( Search, Social, Mailings …)

  • Performance ( Server, Code, Speed …)

  • Usability ( Time, Bounce, Interactions …)

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  • Clear Display of all keywords by priority and search volume

  • Color codes the current status in real time

  • Explicit tasks and direct implementation

  • List of personalized measures for optimization of marketing activities

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Overview of our attractive pricing models

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249 per month
  • 1 User
  • 1 country
  • 1 Domain / campaigns
  • Google Analytics, Pagespeed, W3C


599 per month
  • 3 users
  • 5 countries
  • 5 Domains / campaigns
  • Basic Tools + Sistrix


1199 per month
  • 10 users
  • 5+ countries
  • 5+ Domains / campaigns
  • Business-Tools + SAP + 3 others
  • 2h Support per month
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About us

From onliner to onliner

Schubwerk stands for intelligent Marketing and sales management. The origin story is compact and tangible – just like the tool itself. It all started with our online Marketeer, who found himself constantly logging into different tools and wasting time by tediously pulling all the various data from all sorts of platforms. Until we gathered all the information into a structured Excel or PowerPoint page, we had spent hours – hours we could have spent more usefully. Having had experienced that tedious work, a vision came to mind: a tool that would fuse all these steps into one. An instrument that displays campaign efficiency, connects all relevant tools and KPIs, and provides a link to all data in one glance to enable efficient work.

First of all, we developed Schubwerk according to the motto “Us for ourselves” in order to control and optimize the performance of the marketing activities we are responsible for without excel lists. However, there was a strong enthusiasm for the raw vision of the tool during discussions at trade shows, so we decided we wanted to develop a tool with our customers and also give other agencies/interested parties the opportunity to benefit from our tool. The motto became “from onliner to Onliner”, instead of „Us for ourselves“.

After a lot of blood, sweat and tears, time and programming barbecue weekends, Schubwerk has now become a tool that enables you to control and optimize your marketing activities in a transparent, simple and operative way. But our journey does not end here: We are constantly looking for ways to better our tool. Our team is working on different angles, specifically on an intelligent, self-learning system to anticipate business activities.

If you have ideas and would like to collaborate with us in the development of Schubwerk, then we would appreciate your feedback. You can also become part of our Schubwerk community with just one click.

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Our Team

Dr. Steffen Behler

Executive Director

+49(0)6123 5030 500

„For the first time, I have complete transparency for my company about the performance of sales and marketing activities, e.g. in the lead and sales funnels”

Stefan Mahendiran

 Managing Director

+49(0)6123 5030 133

„So far, I’ve always had to log into a lot of different tools. With Schubwerk, I have all the tools I need at a glance – extremely efficient in online marketing.“

Claudia Stanek


+49(0)6123 5030 256

„Finally, I have the opportunity not only to look bluntly at numbers, but to put them in relation in a way that offers me real value.“

Nicole Ioussim


+49(0)6123 5030 243

„Schubwerk is practical! I can see what needs to be done by whom and especially by when, which is important for a successful optimization – control has never been easier!“